Create Australia Refund Consulting Program Case Study Review of Monica J At age 28 Create Australia refund consultant “Monica J” was a successful professional working in Medical Administration. However, she was feeling a growing dissatisfaction with the restraints her job was placing on her. Her employer was demanding she work extra hours, and the fast pace of her work left her with very little energy... Continue Reading →


4 Tips to Manage Your Day Job and Your Refund Consulting Business

Do you think it is easy to manage your day job with your own venture? Nowadays most people run their own their small business while working full time for other organizations. However, for some people, it is not easy to balance a full-time job and own business. According to the Myriam Borg Review, nothing is... Continue Reading →


Stop over at Changi Airport, favourite airport by far!   #MyriamBorgLifestyle #FreedomBusiness #CreateAustralia #RefundConsultingBusinessProgram #BestPortableBusiness Find more inspiration? Download our Create Australia Free Report. You can also visit our business sites: Create Australia CEO “Myriam Borg” Blog Create Australia Refund Consulting Business Create Consult Refund Consulting Business To follow us and stay up to date... Continue Reading →

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